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23 March, 2020

What Are the Best Online Workout Programs?

by One Fine Baby Team

Online Workouts

We’ve sweated it out to find the best live streaming and online workout programs for parents by parents. From Sam Wood’s 28-minute exercise class (he’s currently hosting free online sessions) to Lizzy Williamson’s two minute moves (her free videos are #instagood), there’s a muscle-toning, yoga-balancing, core-defining platform just for you (note to self: all we really wanted were sweat-inducing solutions that stick, not another app that’s stuck on page five of our phone). This then, is game-changing guidance from real mums and dads who happen to kick butt in shaping us up! 

And go…

Two Minute Moves

Lizzy Williamson is the mum and fitness entrepreneur behind the booty-baby-wine-bottle workout and we’re weekly subscribers to her ‘bite-sized’ workout platform Two Minute Moves

What makes Lizzy’s channel so easy to connect with is she simplifies the routine so you can squat and brush your teeth at the same time or cut fruit for the kids!

She Moves

Bridie Walker is a Pilates and yoga teacher and a mum of two who has cultivated the art of balance. Her mission is to help busy parents build exercise into their daily routines, which she does through her no-nonsense online video tutorial platform, She Moves (stream live or download on the go). 

What we love most about Bridie is that she often invites her kids to join in, proving that those that stretch together, stay together.

Sweat With Kayla

Mum and personal trainer Kayla Itsines launched her subscription-based workout app Sweat With Kayla in 2013 and she’s taken at-home workouts from strength to strength ever since. 

Sweat With Kayla is available to download from the Apple store, so you can work out anywhere any time. If you don’t want to purchase the app though, visit @kayla_itsines for quick video tutorials, real life before-and-after inspiration and cameos from her baby girl Arna.

Tracy Anderson Method

Tracy Anderson is the fitness guru to Hollywood’s A-list and lists Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham as her clients but the mother-of-two also knows how to motivate us mere mortals. 

The Tracy Anderson Method consist of action-packed dance-inspired workouts, which you can stream online, will have you jumping across the lounge room and sculpting your muscles at the same time.

28 By Sam Wood

Dad and self-confessed “positive change” influencer, Sam Wood is the man behind 28 by Sam Wood, the health platform, which offers delicious recipes and quick workouts. 

Now, the Australian health and fitness expert has pledged to boost immunity and the community with a series of free live workouts Monday at 8pm, Wednesday at 10am and Friday at 6am. 

He’s also offering free live workouts for kids Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9am.


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