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31 May, 2020

Travelling with Kids – The Ultimate Checklist

by Nadean Richards

Travel with kids is not for the faint hearted, we should know. Between us at One Fine Baby we have 13 kids and travel a lot so we’ve pulled together the ultimate out and about checklist of what you need to bring with you when travelling.

Leaving the house is hard enough but packing up for an overnighter or weekend away can have you bringing the kitchen sink with you! From clever bags to travel cots, travel prams + more we’ve rounded up the essentials to make your life a whole lot easier.

Travel Cot, Travel Prams and More

One of our favourite travel prams hands down has got to be the BabyZen Yoyo stroller. With its clever design and cult following you wont be disappointed with just how light and easy this pram is to use. For a whole host of other travel prams and compact strollers, including the Babyzen Yoyo stroller, you can check out the best travel prams in Australia over here. Our other essential has got to be the AeroMoov Travel Portable Cot. This little gem pops up in a few seconds flat, no more fighting with your husband over who’s going to put the cot together! Some other handy items include the foldable bath and snap shades to protect your kids in the car from the UV rays. We all have these on our cars and they work a treat!

Baby carriers are one of the top items to buy as a new parent and when travelling these will make a huge difference because they give you back your hands! At One Fine Baby we are lucky enough to have a wealth of options on our shop. From the Baby Dink Carriers, to the Mumma Etc Slings and Zarpar Bebe Snaps we have you and your baby covered.

Baby Bags, or nappy bags as some are called, are getting more stylish by the day. For those that want to get super organised before the big travel day these ranges of baby bags have so many different little pockets to put bottles, wipes and everything else in a neatly packed and organised way. This is key so you have one source of control to go to when baby is hungry or the dreaded nappy change raises its head!

So one thing that you do need when travelling is a baby steriliser for your dummies, bottle steriliser etc to keep baby safe and away from unfamiliar germs. We absolutely love the range from 59S who provide portable sterilisers, with hospital grade technology to get rid of all the nasties like the common cold or flu.

If you're playing sleepovers or camping!

What better brand to cuddle up with than the sleeping bags from Sack Me! These are perfect for sleepover, camping and movie nights.

We have a range of playtime kids toys on the shop to help the kids imagination come to life when there are no TV’s or their usual shows at the holiday destination. Even something as simple as an empty balloon is also a good prop to bring along on a road trip for when you need some entertainment at the pit stop!

If you're heading to the sun!

If you’re lucky enough to be heading somewhere warm, what cuter swimmers are there than the matchy matchy range from Infamous Swim.

Safe travels and enjoy your trip. Make some special memories for us!


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