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6 April, 2020

Our Favourite Cubby Houses by Petite Maison Play

by Nadean Richards

Being a parent during isolation can be an incredibly stressful time. Not only are you having to educate your kids, you’re also having to manage their screen time whilst keeping them entertained. So when I came across this Australian owned business I fell completely in love with the concept of this table tent indoor cubby house. With my kids so swept up in technology it is refreshing to watch their imagination come alive when these tents come out to play. The clever thing about these tents are that they take minimal effort to put up as they go nicely over the table top, which means none of our sheets or doona’s are strung up across the room. The table concept is awesome as well as it saves my lounge room from being destroyed and I don’t know about you but my kids are obsessed with playing under tables.

My top reasons why I love this product so much:

1- It’s important for kids to prioritize play especially in this world of technology and this product does just that.

2- The tents are small, creatively designed which fit perfectly under dining room tables and can be set up and pulled down within minutes. Packing away is easy as it fits into a small bag, which can be stored anywhere.

3- The tents promote imagination in different forms, cultivating hours of play and entertainment for the kids. Each tent is cleverly designed to promote different concepts for the imagination to explore, from a fruit shop, to outer space, a home set up and a fire engine. So much possibility!

I spoke to Petite Maison Play (and mum of Rosie!) founder Kate Robinson about her inspiration behind the brand. She’s a clever business woman and I look forward to seeing what other products she adds to the range in the coming year!

We love that you’re a self-confessed ‘creative dreamer’, tell us how you dreamt up the concept of Petite Maison Play?

Hubby and I were living in our apartment when we fell pregnant. We loved our area so much that the terrifying decision was made to stay put have a baby in an apartment (gulp). From day one, creativity kicked in to keep our home functional, ascetically pleasing but also stimulating for a baby/toddler. In the end, it was just a case of what I wanted didn’t exist, so I made it myself. (and we are still happily in our apartment)

Compliments often come in small packages, what are some of the best compliments you’ve received from kids about your indoor cubby houses?

I am constantly being told how much the little ones ADORE their very own cubby and how much they love hiding beneath the table in their very own world. I hear “we love it so much” regularly! I think the fact they provide such a distinct play space that belongs to them makes them such a hit for little ones but also the fact they can be integrated into the family living area/ kitchen area makes them a really easy choice for parents and carers. 

The Petite Maison Play TableTent Cubby’s have been brought to life through real drawings. Where did the inspiration come from (and did you create the drawings)?

I can’t draw to save myself! It was one of my earliest hurdles and almost stopped me from even beginning. How could I possibly bring my vision to life when I can’t even draw? I set about finding a graphic designer who had to tick a few boxes. A start-up budget, understood my crazy idea, understood my vision, understood production… the list went on & on. I was so incredibly lucky to find one who nailed every single hair brain criteria I had and helped bring the vision to life with some great guidance along the way.

Imagination is a wonderful attribute to have and children have endless amounts. How can parents join in the fun?

Easier said than done here! But, embrace being in their world for a moment. Escape the stresses and worries of our adult world and put yourself in theirs. I switched off just the other day and let Rosie do my hair. For 15mins I was in her salon and her customer. I just gave into the game and it ended up being such fun. Just roll with it sometimes! You will be surprised what enjoyment you get from being in a pretend shop.

I think we’ve all played under the dining room table and dreamt up incredible fantasies whilst playing in cubby houses as kids. What’s one memory that has stuck with you of playing in a cubby house?

I am an only child but what I lacked in siblings, I made up in toys becoming cubby house friends and our trusty Golden Retriever never left my side. (bless her and the tutus she was subjected to wearing) I used to play for hours totally absorbed in my own world, pretend role playing & chatting to my toys. I don’t ever remember loneliness being a feeling as imaginary play was such an encouraged part of my childhood.

If you were a kid again, what would you tell your adult self?

Don’t lose sight of all the wonderful things around us. I love being reminded of all the little things that bring joy through my Rosie.

What’s one life lesson you hope to pass on to your children and why?

I dearly hope Rosie learns that life is best lived in colour. Good days, bad days, boring days, exciting days, huge joys and big losses but ultimately, to make it all count, give it a go and believe in yourself.

We love your motto ‘here for a good time and a long time’. What are your thoughts on sustainability and children’s toys?

As an apartment dweller but also keen shopper, this has been the most eye opening aspect to parenting. You simply don’t need every known toy available to entertain your kids. Nor do you need to keep adding when boredom strikes. You need a handful of quality toys that can be rotated and have multi functional aspects. As a business, our goal is to keep working on sustainability as a key focus and any products we add in the future will always come back to our core values.

What’s your ultimate mum hack?

Oh gosh! I think I fail at this question…. I don’t know!! A sense of humour? What doesn’t kill you in the parenting game only makes you stronger.

We hope you got to know a little bit more about this amazing brand and what they have to offer. You can find their full range on our shop right here!


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