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18 March, 2020

8 Indoor Activities for Kids

by One Fine Baby Team

Playtime Ideas

Mums and dads, we see you! We see you because we are you! And when we don’t see you, know that we’re still here championing creativity because if you’re like us, your minds are bursting with questions, your hearts are full of uneasiness, and your souls are wading through unpredictability. But one thing we do know is that while we wait for the world’s Coronavirus pandemic to take its course (note to self: patience is a virtue) we’re still the guiding light for the most important thing in our possession (hint: they’re soft, cuddly and we like to wrap them in plastic). No, we’re not talking about toilet paper, we’re talking about our children. And kids just wanna have fun! And right now, so do we! So we’ve put together a simple game-changing day-by-day play plan that’s worth getting showered for…

Play. Imagine. Dream. Dress-Up

Capes made from pillow cases, gowns made from sheets and crowns made out of cardboard set the scene for the littlest princes and princesses. Build a castle out of covers or invest in an indoor cubby house, designed specifically to slip over the dining room table. Let their imaginations run wild as they climb aboard a fire truck, explore the space station or set-up their pop-up camper van with getaway bikes in tow.

Movie-a-Thon is On!

If you’re in hibernation mode, pull out the play mat and snuggle in. The kids’ channel on Netflix is brimming with educational shows that’ll enlighten and entertain all day, every day. Our secret recipe is to choose a movie and a TV show and alternate between the two, just to keep things interesting and to ensure there’s some downtime in between to rest tired eyes.

Tee-Up Teepee Towers

Whip out the coloured sheets and create a haven for hanging out. Bright hues promote happiness and there’s no end to play time once the kids are tucked in under their tepee tower. Snacks are welcomed!

Teepee Towers

Make Home Movies

If you’re anything like our families, you’re hard pressed to keep the iPhone and iPad away from the kids. So turn it into a positive and create a home movie. Film different scenes, add filters and subtitles and then at the end of the day watch your very own movie back. Then, share it with friends and family wherever they may be around the country or the world.

Create a Playlist

Whether you’re a karaoke king or just love to lip-sync to the radio in the car, kids of all ages love to express themselves through voice too. One fun way to pass the time is to create a playlist with all of their favourite songs (and maybe a few of yours too – let’s face it we can only hear Baby Shark so many times). Whip out a few microphones (empty toilet rolls should do the trick, no pun intended) and get ready to perform sing-a-longs across the lounge room floor.

Tell Storytime Tales

There’s nothing more magical than transporting young minds to wonderful worlds far, far away. Enchanting tales, deep sea adventures and animal adventures keep little minds engaged time and time again. Does your child have a favourite book? When you read-out-loud, have you tried using really big voices or really little ones, grumpy voices, or funny ones? If nothing else, you’ll have a giggle at yourself and guaranteed your bambino will laugh too!


Play, Baby, Play

Mirrors, soft toys and hard tactile teethers make for the perfect play time for babies. So if you can’t leave the house, spending quality time engaged with your baby on an interactive play mat or a wooden play gym is invaluable use of your time. Simply laying down next to them while they explore is adding to their mental and physical development. Also we find moving the play mat and gym to different rooms in your house, is not only a change of scenery for them but it works wonders on your mental stimulation too.

Create Shadow Puppets

Is that a butterfly? Or a bird? No, that’s definitely a rabbit! All you need is a light (the flash light on your phone is perfect) a blank wall and your imagination.

Shadow Puppets

For more ideas on indoor play fun, have a peek at our playtime edit, which is full of fabulous ways to entertain your kids, online at the One Fine Baby Shop now.


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