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2 December, 2019

Behind The brand – How iCandy Went From Family Brand To Global Business!

by One Fine Baby Team

iCandy might be known for its modern and stylish pram designs, but in fact this world-famous brand is has just celebrated 85 years in business! 

Here’s the story behind the award winning luxury prams …. 

The early days: iCandy’s British beginnings 

That’s correct, iCandy was created by English brothers Bradley and Warren, who learnt a great deal about manufacturing from their grandfather Charles – who founded a fashion company in 1933. By the eighties the business was making children’s cycle helmets and car safety seats, before developing a range of widely sold nursery products. 

The iCandy evolution

With an impressive 85 years of manufacturing pedigree and expertise, iCandy’s skilled designers continue to create on-trend products with fashion forward colours that also provide great function for the modern day parent. 

The modern iCandy

State-of-the-art product innovation and development has allowed iCandy to push the boundaries and cater for parents who want and deserve more. One of iCandy’s most significant moments so far is the iconic Peach, the pioneering designers at iCandy created the award-winning pram that competitors have yet to aspire to. The ‘iCandy World’ continues to expand as demand increases from parents around the globe who want to experience the iCandy edge. 

Practically perfect

iCandy balances performance, luxury and design – it’s the iCandy’s signature, and they refuse to compromise or accept limitations in their pursuit of perfection. iCandy take pride in building a strong close-knit team and select candidates that are experts in their fields – ensuring everything they do is highly personal. The brand displays a great passion to connect with parents in an authentic way, they greatly support independents offering of a full range of services to the consumer. 

Unique designs today and tomorrow

Nothing looks or feels like an iCandy. This is why the brand have recently decided to launch their lifetime warranty across the entire range of prams. The iCandy promise will ensure parents have peace of mind to concentrate on enjoying those special moments with their child and reinforces iCandy’s reputation for quality, design, innovation and trust. 


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