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1 July, 2019

Amy Schumer just got really frank about postpartum life

by One Fine Collective

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Amy Schumer just got really frank about postpartum life

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The Hollywood hills aren’t known for their frank honesty—in fact the whole area is built on a foundation of reality shows and has established a permanent face-tune to hide the mundane and un-glamorous aspects of everyday life.

While this can sometimes provide a brilliant escape for us normies (hello bingeing on The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills far too often), it can give us a warped view of big life events—like having a baby. We see Victoria’s Secret models walk the runway five months pregnant (and looking trimmer that us post food-poisoning) and then debuting their rock hard stomachs minutes after going through labour.

This ab-to-ab turnaround misses some major moments involved with bringing a child into this world, but luckily one celebrity is changing the game entirely and documenting every painful, awkward, embarrassing and downright real mishap during her pregnancy, birth and beyond. And this champion is Amy Schumer.

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Amy contracted Hyperemesis during her pregnancy with her first child, which wiped her out for the whole nine months as the comic admitted she vomited She regularly posted on Instagram about how hideous she felt and that her ‘pregnancy glow’ was more just a haze of vomit-air.

Amy then went into labour and gave birth around the same time as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry brought their bub into the world. As a tongue in cheek announcement, Amy broke the news with a gorgeous (and unfiltered) picture of herself, her newborn and her husband—captioning the post with, “10:55 pm last night our royal baby was born”.

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Following the birth of little Gene Attell Fischer, Amy has fallen tits first (her words) into motherhood—noting sleepless nights, attempting to juggle mom-life with work-life and knocking back judgement for continuing to wear her hospital undies weeks after leaving the maternity ward.

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To be honest, we’re chuffed that there’s a celebrity presenting all the not-so glamorous aspects of motherhood to remind the world that being a mum is bloody hard work and a hell of a lot of sacrifice goes into raising a child. To give you a bit of a giggle along with a large dollop of, ‘My god, I’ve been there’, here’s a round up of Amy Schumer’s most relatable mum moments:

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For more real mum moments, head to our Real Stories page to hear from fellow mothers dealing with just the same dramas as you.

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