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6 June, 2019

Healthy Snacks for Hungry Toddlers with Munchkin Grass Fed

by One Fine Collective

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Healthy Snacks for Hungry Toddlers
with Munchkin Grass Fed

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We all know that toddlers are a picky bunch when it comes to food choices. That’s why we love cheeky tricks to make sure little ones get all the nutrients they need.

That’s where our One Fine Baby partner Munchkin comes in handy. Munchkin Grass Fed is made with 100% grass fed milk which is flowing with Vitamins A and E with an ideal balance of essential fatty acids.

Munchkin Grass Fed is a sneaky nutrient booster to use in your little one’s favourite snacks to keep your mini’s tummy full and happy.

Here are some quick and easy recipes to save your sanity and boost junior’s nutrient intake:

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Grass Fed Smoothie

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Optional: a few frozen berries or your little one’s favourite fruit


Place Munchkin Grass Fed, water and banana in a blender. Blend for 30 seconds or until smooth. Pour into your little one’s favourite sippy cup and enjoy.

TIP: Create a range of tasty smoothies by mixing up the fruit you use. Stick with your little one’s favourites for guaranteed success.

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Grass Fed Pikelets

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  • 1 cup self-raising flour, sifted
  • ½ teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 ripe banana, mashed
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • ¾ cup of “Munchkin Grass Fed Toddler Milk
  • 1 egg
  • extra honey, yoghurt and fresh berries to serve


Combine the flour and baking powder in a mixing bowl, make a well in the centre and set aside. In a separate bowl, using a whisk, combine the banana, honey, milk and egg. Mix well.

Gradually add the milk mixture to the flour, pouring it into the well you’ve created. Using the whisk, stir in the centre of the bowl so the flour grabs from the sides. Continue adding the milk mixture and whisk until smooth.

Lightly grease a non-stick pan with a spray of oil or a brush of butter and heat over medium heat. Drop heaped tablespoons of the pikelet batter into the pan and cook for a couple of minutes or until air bubbles appear on the pikelet surface. Turn them over and cook for a further minute until golden in colour.

This recipe makes around 25 pikelets. Serve with a helping of yoghurt, honey and fresh berries on the side – all the more fun for healthy dipping!

Happy snacking!

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